5  Reproducible Analytical Pipelines - RAP

Also see training chapter for RAP training.

5.1 NHS

NHS England’s Community of Practice hosted by NHS England, developed by the former NHS Digital, this is an ongoing project including training resources, history of RAP and available for contribution through GitHub.

5.2 Government

Government Statistical Service RAP is a comprehensive website detailing what RAP is, how it’s good practice and links to other resources.

Government Statistical Service RAP Strategy published 20 June 2022

Archived - A technical communication document written using bookdown intended to give assistance to people developing a Reproducible Analytical Pipeline.

5.3 Books

Building reproducible analytical pipelines with R

The author, Bruno Rodrigues, also gave a talk at the NHS-R/NHS.pycom Conference 2023 called Doing Data Science that Stands the Test of Time with Reproducible Analytical Pipelines