7  Training and development opportunities

7.1 Public Sector Resources

7.1.1 NHS-R Community

NHS-R Community - record all webinars and have conference talks and workshops from 2020 onwards found through the website which links to YouTube. Introduction to R and R Studio training is being provided by volunteers each month with more training always encouraged and listed on the website.

The NHS-R Community Training book (built in Quarto) collects together the course summaries for training materials available through NHS-R Community and delivered as instructor led courses through The Strategy Unit.

7.1.2 Government

7.1.3 HSMA - Health Service Modelling Associates programme

YouTube channel for teaching materials for the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration South West Peninsula (PenARC) Health Service Modelling Associates programme.

7.2 Other online free courses

  • HDR UK Futures for NHS - free online course materials available for anyone. Sign up required.

  • FEDIP courses - free for 6 months or free with an AphA membership(https://www.aphanalysts.org/) with CPD on courses from the University of Edinburgh. Includes introduction to Health Data Analytics with R, Introduction to Data Visualisation and Data Ethics for Health and Social Care. Sign up required.

  • W3Schools has tutorials and reference guides for a large number of software programs including Python, R, SQL, CSS and html.

7.3 MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

7.3.1 Future Learn

7.4 Funding

7.5 Specific software

7.5.1 Introduction to R and R Studio

7.5.2 Introduction to RMarkdown

  • A workshop from the NHS-R Conference in 2021 based on the scripted way of delivering courses.

  • A slide based course on RMarkdown which was based on the conference workshop.

  • NHS England [Quarto and RMarkdown](NHS England GitHub training in a Quarto site for self learning.

7.5.3 Git/GitHub

7.6 Python

Like for R, there are many resources online available for Python and the NHS.Pycom {#socials} have a page on Resources to attempt to pull together some of those.

7.6.1 Introduction to Python

7.6.2 Modular programming in Python and R

7.6.3 SQL

7.6.4 Introduction to Reproducible Analytical Pipelines (RAP)

Also see the specific chapter on RAP

7.6.5 Train the Trainer

  • Slides from a Train the Trainer course held by the Strategy Unit to support the Introduction to R and RStudio.